The Otterburn Ranges


Otterburn is a little community with a huge record and is well worth a visit. On the outskirts of the town you’ll find the site of the renowned Battle of Otterburn in 1388 when the English military suffered a bloody defeat by the Scots led by the Earl of Douglas.

Significant views over the Otterburn RangesDramatic watches over the Otterburn Ranges.Otterburn saw plenty of action in the days of the Border Reivers when rival groups terrorised the local population. Its much quieter nowadays and you’ll locate a little, however lively neighborhood at the heart of the picturesque Redesdale Valley. 

Otterburn definitely has a feeling of its own past, one of its chief tourist attractions is Otterburn Mill which contains a gallery summarizing the history of weaving and wool milling in the area.

Clay pidgeon capturing at OtterburnClay pidgeon capturing at Otterburn.The Otterburn Rug was recommended by the Royal Family, and our present Queen was as soon as kept cozy in her pram by one. Otterburn Mill likewise consists of a coffee shop, an outside garments shop and a Tourist Details Centre.

Otterburn itself has a selection of local shops and pubs and there is an excellent choice of accommodation consisting of Otterburn Hotels, B&B s and cottages.

The Otterburn Firing Times


For the dates and times when Otterburn and/or Redesdale ranges are being used  can be found on the MOD website

Tips on Maintaining Your Garden from a Northumberland National Park Gardener

bloom-2518_640Having a garden regardless of how small it is rewarding especially if you are living in an urban area where greenery is not a common sight. Being with nature is the best way to unwind from stress and garden is a smart alternative.

If you are a newbie and want to keep your garden green throughout the year you need to learn some basic stuff about gardening as described by WLL landscapes in Chelsea. Just like any living creature, plants need to be nurture in order to grow and thrive. Here are tips to help you maintain your garden. WLL landscapes in Chelsea

  1. The Soil

Soil is the bread and butter of the every plant. Plants absorb nutrients from the soil and a healthy soil means healthy plants. Using a spade, turn the soil every once in a while and water it regularly during summer season.

Consider putting compost on the soil as natural fertilizer. It will also make the soil lose giving the plants better chance at growing.

  1. The Water

Make sure the plants are hydrated because without water plants cannot survive. The best time to water is early in the morning because the heat is still minimal allowing less evaporation.

However, there are plants that do not require constant watering like cactus, chrysanthemum and Jasmine. This is because it can retain moisture longer. If you have limited time to water your garden, choose plants like these for a low maintenance garden.

  1. Right Tools

Gardening requires you to use the right tools because it will deliver maximum result. Tools make your work easier and at the same time protect you from unwanted injury when gardening. There are many gardening related injury and maintaining an injury free environment means using the right tools for the right job.

  1. Remove Weed

If you are planting flowers or vegetables, it is important that you keep the weed out of the pot. This is because weed takes moisture and nutrients away from the plants. Weeds grow faster than the usual plants making it a good parasite among flowers and vegetables. Some will choose to put herbicide to remove the weed by if you are very particular with chemicals, you can always pull the weed out of the ground. Nevertheless, this can be tiring and time consuming. You can ask for professional assistance.

  1. Prevent Diseases

Plants have sickness too and there are many factors that can lead to plant infection. One of it is applying the too much fertilizer. Fertilizer can dry out the roots thus making it difficult to absorb moisture. Stressed plants are easy to get sick just like humans. Other than stress, bacteria, parasites and even insects can destroy the integrity of the plants.

As you can see, taking care of a garden requires tender loving care just like humans. In order to flourish, your garden needs to be nurture by you. There is not shortcut in creating a beautiful garden that can heal the soul and mind. You can also ask for assistance from any professional landscape gardeners for a better garden.

The British National Parks

A national park is a park  used for conservation functions. Typically, it is a reserve of all-natural, semi-natural, or industrialized land that a sovereign state possesses or states. Although individual nations designate their very own national parks in different ways, there is a typical concept: the preservation of untamed nature for posterity and as a symbol of national pride.

In the United Kingdom, there are 15 national parks.The ‘Valuing National Parks’ record published in May 2013 reveals the significance of National Parks not equally as well-known landscapes and part of our national identification, yet as growing rural economic climates adding to national success and wellbeing via their special qualities. The record is stuffed with info and case history showing how National Park Authorities assistance rural companies, economic climates and areas. They do this while ensuring the National Parks remain stunning locations where people want to live, see and work, with abundant social and environmental properties.